August 6, 2018


The Institute is engaged in two focus areas:


Formation of the Institute of Performance Sciences (Global) as a collaboration amongst global-scale investors and large-scale companies – with the participation of relevant supporting organisations and agencies. is focused on further development, testing and deployment of a Global disclosure framework – that provides an investible periodic assessment of the quality of an organisation’s future prospects (rating companies by costing their future-risk).

See global outreach through our Letter to Fiduciaries


Formation of The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences as a demonstration pilot of the cross-economy systemic uptake of Enhanced Governance and Integrated Thinking in a G20 Economy. is being formed as a collaboration aimed at lifting the rate of effective innovation-investment performance across the top500 participants in the Australian economy. Through its activity, the Australian Institute presents as an enhanced approach to economic development, enterprise productivity, public sector reform and the competitive transformation of the Australian economy.

Outreach has been engaging Australia’s most senior leaders including directors at the top10 listed companies (seven at Chair), CEOs and directors of our largest asset owners, and their peers amongst government departments, agencies and regulators. A number of these are currently going through due diligence consideration of their Foundation Participation towards a full operational launch of the Institute later in the year.

See details of the Australian Institute of Performance Sciences

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