August 5, 2018

The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences

IPSGlobal is facilitating the creation of The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences – as a demonstration pilot of the cross-economy systemic uptake of Enhanced Governance and Integrated Thinking in a G20 Economy.

The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences (
is a collaboration amongst the top500 participants in the Australian economy engaging Australia’s most senior leaders including directors at the top10 listed companies (seven at Chair), CEOs and directors of our largest asset owners, Prime Minister’s and Treasurer’s Offices, (and State equivalents) and their peers amongst government departments, agencies and regulators.

A number of large scale corporate, government and investor organisations are currently undertaking due diligence on their Foundation Participation in the Institute. AIPS is scheduled to have secured a core group of Foundation Participants to commence its full operational role late in 2018.

The AIPS develops and disseminates new knowledge, enhancing the evidence of the quality of an organisation’s value-creation innovation initiatives. Enhanced decision-making based on enhanced information-foresight delivers major increases in effective innovation performance. This is to be engaged across the top500, equivalent to 65% of Australian GDP, made up of large corporates, government jurisdictions, large-scale investors and across public networks.

Research supports the achievement of AIPS’ significant at-scale outcomes aligned to the Australian Government’s stated Economic Development and Social objectives;

  • Stimulating of an additional $100Bn annual corporate investment focussed on innovation, productivity and export growth,
  • Promoting the flow-on of benefits to SME, Service Sector and the Ideas Economy,
  • Promoting the flow-on of benefits to jobs and wage growth (aka Trickle-Up Economics),
  • Defining Australia as an advantaged destination for global investors with a stated commitment to long-term sustainability outcomes
  • Enhancing stewardship and accountability for creation of public value from the application of resources across the public, community and commercial sectors
  • Providing an effective counter to short-termism, loss of public trust, and low citizen participation.

This is to be achieved without corporate welfare, blank-cheque incentive programs, or regulatory change. It operates in addition-to, not as a choice-between, other actions. The Australian Institute is a for-industry-by-industry organisation, to be funded by industry subscription commensurate with scale, across the top500 participants in the Australian economy. It operates with an independent advisory board, and expert advisory committee.

The AIPS is a genuinely new perspective providing new pathways for action.

The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences presents as an enhanced approach to economic development, enterprise productivity, public sector reform and the competitive transformation of the Australian economy.