Engaging long-term capital with sustained high-performance value-creation.
Inside companies, and across capital markets.


The Institute is engaging investors and companies in collaboration around further development, testing and deployment of a breakthrough Global disclosure framework – that provides an investible periodic assessment of the quality of an organisation’s future prospects (rating companies by costing their future-risk).

This Value Creation Maturity Assessment rating is based on an enhanced Governance of Value Creation approach that guides large-scale organisations to sustainably increase their effective performance.

Both of these breakthrough approaches are fit-for-purpose for an era of complexity in the context of social licence, culture, conduct risk, digital disruption, cyber-security, sustainability and climate change. The integrated multi-disciplinary models are recognised as practical guides to achieving IIRC's Integrated Thinking, and as the culmination of our historical investments in disciplined professional practices.

We enable investors to assess a company's capacity to engage and assure the core FUTURE FIDUCIARY question "ARE WE OPTIMALLY INVESTED IN OUR OWN FUTURE?"

IPSGlobal is facilitating the creation of The Australian Institute of Performance Sciences – as a demonstration pilot of the cross-economy systemic uptake of Enhanced Governance and Integrated Thinking in a G20 Economy. See activities tab for details.