August 6, 2018


The Institute aims to create a global disclosure framework that provides an investible periodic assessment of the quality of an organisation’s future prospects.

This will deliver:

  • a breakthrough costing of future-risk for use by long-term investors
  • an assurance that organisations are appropriately engaged with emergent risks and opportunities
  • an impetus for commercial and public institutions to increase their value-creation performance

The Institute’s work will help engage capital (from investment markets, and within companies) with sustainable effective value-creation across companies, governments and communities.

The Institute’s work is compatible with, but different from, the significant global effort being put into the sustainability of global financial systems.

Our work expands on breakthrough research that has identified the characteristics of sustained high-performance value-creation inside large-scale organisations. This Enhanced Governance practice is a fit-for-purpose design to engage and out-perform in the context of emerging issues including social licence, culture, conduct risk, digital disruption, cyber-security, sustainability and climate change. It is designed to improve collective decision-making for a future of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).

In an era of continuous change, an organisations effective regenerative capacity becomes a core competency. Organisations whose decision-making is made in the presence of consistent, reliable, long-term-contextualised ‘information-foresight’ are shown to make more consistent, reliable, long-term decisions. They perform better over the long term. The leading exponent of these practice identified in the research delivered outcomes 350% ahead of the market over a decade of sustained outperformance.

The Institute’s Value Creation Maturity Assessment is an audit-style rating of an organisation’s capacity for sustainable value-creation creation.

Further development and deployment of this assessment will highlight those organisations who are more capable at creating future regenerative value. This rating enables investors to assess a company’s capacity to engage and assure the core FUTURE FIDUCIARY question “ARE WE OPTIMALLY INVESTED IN OUR OWN FUTURE?”

Importantly, this can be done without disclosing the company’s confidential strategy, intellectual opportunity or competitive opportunity. It is an reliable accounting of future value – that leads to better performance.

A reliable costing of future-risk provides a global systemic basis for directing capital to future-value.

To get it right will need the collaborative input from global-scale investors and large-scale companies – with the participation of relevant supporting organisations and agencies.

This is our objective.