August 7, 2018


There is a significant and growing set of information and publications available to support stakeholders understanding the potential of this new knowledge, and understanding how to participate in this major collaborative initiative. The following materials have been published through our Australian Institute initiative. Papers for the Global Institute context will be produced shortly.

Background Material

AIPS Published Whitepapers:

  • Australian Prosperity: An alternative approach to sustained economic Development. Economic growth and budget repair.
  • The Executive Epidemic: Unsustainable Overload. Idea resistance. Perverse incentives. Frustrated value. Career risk.
  • Active Value: New Research Empowering Sustained Superannuation Prosperity.
  • Organisational Performance: Achieving sustained high performance value creation in large scale mature stage Australian organisations.
  • Enhanced Stewardship: Enhanced Government and Community Sector Performance, Better Societal Outcomes, and Activation, Engagement and Alignment across Public, Commercial and Community Sectors.

AIPS Submissions:

AIPS Roundtable Series – Reportage:

AIPS Media Interviews and Articles:



Further Information

We aim to support stakeholders as they go through their necessary and appropriate consideration processes. We will communicate closely with you, and provide you with the relevant information to assist your organisation on its path to active participation. Please let us know how else we can support you, by emailing us directly.